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Where Uniqueness Unites with Social Fashion:
At IMPARI, we merge individuality with social fashion, embracing each person‘s uniqueness. Our name, „unequal“ and „you learn“ in English, reflects this belief. We design self-created prints on 100% recycelt Pet Materials. Beyond fashion, we‘re a dynamic force for social fashion and sustainability, embarking on innovative journeys.

Social Fashion Visionaries
Proud of our sustainable practices, we use 100% recycled PET fabrics to make a positive impact. Our „Nnoboa“ project in Ghana, launched in 2023 with „Code for Afrika e.V.,“ supports Studio Nnoboa, training young art and design professionals in sustainability and business skills. We are excited to announce our upcoming project WITH[out]WASTE, where we will begin crafting our own fabric from recycled PET as part of our integrated social project, furthering our commitment to sustainability while making a positive impact.

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