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Redefining Eyewear: The REFRAMD Revolution

Shattering the one-size-fits-all mould, REFRAMD emerged in 2020 to craft a new narrative in eyewear - one where design, technology, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and sustainability converge to celebrate every unique face. Conceived by Ackeem Ngwenya and Shariff Vreugd REFRAMD came from frustrations and dissatisfaction with their experiences trying on glasses. They had always believed their faces were unsuitable for glasses. Still, their epiphany? The problem wasn’t them; it was the industry’s one-size-fits-all approach, which designs eyewear for a specific group of people. They decided to be the change they wanted to see.
REFRAMD harnesses cutting-edge 3D technology and algorithmic design to craft perfectly fitting glasses. Our 3D scanning and printing techniques ensure each pair of glasses matches the unique facial features of our customers. This tech- first approach positions Reframd at the vanguard of dynamic fashion trends, empowering rapid adaptation to consumer preferences.

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