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RICHERT BEIL is a Berlin based fashion brand founded by Jale Richert and Michele Beil in 2014. The brand has earned a reputation for its pioneering approach to fashion, sustainable practices and commitment to delivering inclusive collections; focusing on avant-garde designs that blur the lines between traditional gender roles and challenging conventional ideas of what constitutes elegance and luxury.

RICHERT BEIL collections are conceived with a spirit of experimentation and rebellion, using the finest materials and craftsmanship. The brand's signature aesthetic is marked by the precision of clean lines, sharp tailoring, and a monochromatic color scheme, with each collection delivering a revolving narrative that the duo is renowned for.

Jale and Michele are acclaimed for their innovative use of materials such as rubber, paper, and plastic, seamlessly combined with premium Italian textiles. They engineer fabrics with unique treatments and push the boundaries of pattern making, producing collections that can be worn by people of all genders and body types.

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VOGUE Germany und der FCG bringen die deutsche Ausgabe des Fashion Fund nach Berlin. Im Rahmen des Wettbewerbs FCG/VOGUE Fashion Fund werden junge Designtalente gesucht, die einen innovativen und kreativen Ansatz verfolgen. Der / die Gewinner:in erhält ein Preisgeld sowie ein exklusives Mentoring Programm im Gesamtwert von 100.000 Euro.

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